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Barfotaböcker AB is an independent publishing house founded in 2016. We publish books with a clear quality profile for lasting impressions.


At present, the house published author is Anna-Klara Mehlich. Anna-Klara´s books about Aina in the Rocking Chair-chronicles are standalone adventure novels about the ten year old Aina and her friends. The stories is dipped with supernatural elements as well as a current underlying themes. The book´s themes range from stories of time and stress, the natural environment and climate changes, as well as tolerance and diversity.


In the long term, the house will expand its publication into other areas and authors.


Four books are planned in the Rocking Chair Chronicles:

Swing to the East - The Battle of Time

Swing to the West - The Battle of Nature

Swing to the South and North - The Battle of Innerness

Swing Back Home (not yet published)

Below you can read about the three first books about Aina. You can also enjoy a few chapters from each book: 

Framsida Gunga åt Öster, illustratör Sofia Falkenhem

Swing to the East – The battle of Time

AUTHOR: Anna-Klara Mehlich. 

ILLUSTRATOR: Sofia Falkenhem

Here you can read three chapters from the book  "Swing to the East - The battle of Time"

Swing to the East – The Battle of Time

” Swing to the East is an action-packed adventure you can’t afford to miss!” Barnens bokklubb (Children´s book club)


Aina can’t believe her eyes. It’s the middle of the night and there in her grandfather’s rocking chair, swinging back and forth, sits a strange woman, staring at her. Suddenly she stops.

“Aina, the one. We need your help.” 

This is the beginning of an adventure that will take Aina to the East, where she and her new friend, Elmi, are destined to stop the Master abusing the Windchimer – the clock that controls time not only in the East but in our world too.


This particular summer in Dalsland is everything but normal. Dangers appear where least expected, and friends in strange guises. Aina, who’s normally afraid of almost everything, is faced with the toughest trials of her life and the prospect of losing all she holds dear. 


Swing to the East - The Battle of Time is the first thrilling part of the Rocking Chair Chronicles. 

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